How do you remind customers you are still there for them?

How do you thank clients for their time?

How do you thank clients for their loyalty?

Do you have a mailing list?


Send Out Cards provides:

- quality printing

- customised one off cards

- customised bulk cards

- postage

- gift delivery

- print, envelope and postage of a folded 5 x 7" card costs around $2.50 to send anywhere in the world.


We'll give you these Words And Pictures designs with our compliments when you start your free Send Out Cards account, using our link below.


1. Sign up to your free Send Out Cards account, via our link.

2. Send real cards in the mail all over the world

3. Pay as you go

Add your logo, if you want.

You can change the text if you like. Or create your own design!








You can create and send cards:

- for business campaigns, mass mail outs

- for friends and relatives' birthdays

- for special occasions

- for customers' anniversaries

- to thank customers or colleagues for a meeting

- to say, “Thanks for your referral.”

- for invitations

- to announce a special



At much less than the cost of a card in a newsagent, a bifold card in an envelope will cost around $2.50 to send anywhere in the world, in total.

There is no joining fee. Just pay as you go and see how you like it.

There are no monthly fees, unless you think you'll use Send Out Cards often, then it can be cheaper to have a subscription. Or if you'd like to be distributor, like us, you can tell people about Send Out Cards and the cost of your cards will be less again.



Send Out Cards lets you custom print a variety of other items including calendars and bulk card packs.



You can add a gift to your order. The brownies are good.



You can download the Send Out Cards App for Apple or Android. This allows you to create and send cards from your smart phone or device. Use photos on your phone. The possibilities for commemorating precious moments at special occasions are endless. And then there are nights out with friends you might want to be reminded of later. Hehehe! It is like social media in your friends', letterboxes.



We've found that Send Out Cards is the best quality for price of any small scale print and post service. That's why we use and recommend it. If you'd like to use Send Out Cards, we are here to help.


Go here to set up your free Send Out Cards account:



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