Businesses and other organisations require design for logos, stationery, brochures, flyers, promotional merchandise, websites and signage.

New organisations create an appropriate business image. This is made up of specific colours, a set of logos and stationery. This identity represents the business' theme, products and services to its clients and contacts.

Existing organisations have marketing material, brochures, flyers or signage designed in line with their current image. At times, a business needs its identity modernised to suit the changing needs of its industry. To see how other identities have changed, click here.

At Words and Pictures we provide quality, affordable design to help you communicate your message to your customers. Please view our portfolio, here.






  • A Words And Pictures Philosophy


As a society we acknowledge when we are low on resources. We say we are time poor, we are mentally or physically tired and we have too much on our plates.


However, we have some unlimited resources.


We will never run out of love and thinking. So we need not be frugal with either.




We love our clients and our work. We adore to:

- meet our clients' needs

- offer them solutions that are useful to their business

- provide communication that is appealing to their audience


In a time poor world, we do this by being generous with lashings of thinking. Getting to know our clients' project, their audience, feeling the love they have for their business and trusting their industry knowledge means we do less drafts.


Here are a few designs we got right the first time due to extra love and thinking:











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