Words and Pictures can help you write text for your documents.


Writing copy for your documents, marketing material or website can be daunting. This can delay your document's production. If you are new to writing text for your business or find it frustrating, please try our simple method below or contact us for assistance. If you need more in depth copy writing help, we work with excellent copy writers. Feel free to like us on Facebook to receive more design and copy writing tips in addition to discounts and benefits.



tips for copy writing

1. jot down topics
Make a rough list of all the topics you would like to write about. Each topic will be only a word or a phrase in language familiar to you. Try not to expand on them at this stage. That can be distracting and you may forget topics you should have listed.


2. add points to topics
Under the topic headings write a list of points you would like to make about each topic. This is also in your own, relaxed language. Each point will be represented by a few words or a phrase.


3. order points
Under each topic heading arrange its points in a logical order of how they should be read.


4. order topics
Thinking about your readership, arrange your topics in a logical order of how they should be read.


5. expand points
Turn your points into rough sentences. Usually each point will be one sentence, sometimes two. If you have evidence or examples, add them after the point. Do this also in your own language. You are still adding content so it is unhelpful to be distracted by style.


6. choose language
Decide what type of language is appropriate to your readership. It can be combinations of trendy, formal, friendly, business like, trade specific, simple, colloquial etc.


7. rewrite sentences
Think about each point and change it a little to suit the style of language you have chosen. You may find at this stage that your document is written, your sentences have correct structure and all you have to do is check grammar, spelling and replace some words or phrases.


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