We don’t usually stop to think of the simple things until necessary, like planning content for a business card.

You may be thinking, “Um, who plans their business card?  Don’t they all have the same stuff on them?”
Yeah, content tends to be similar.  Yet, it should differ as our personalities and businesses do.  Your business card is an introductory tool so worth a little consideration.  It takes the same amount of time to create poor or effective communication.

A business card represents a person.  The person represents an organisation.  Presenting a business card invites further communication.  Due to their size and widespread acceptance they can be subtle and versatile carriers for a business message.


The following questions are a thought process to work out what information to include in your business cards. An interactive PDF can be downloaded for your records by clicking here.*


*you should download the PDF to write and save notes. Browser viewing only allows reading.



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