We offer graphic design for everyone.  And, we specialise in small business. You can have nice things.



As a small business you, too, can engage your audience and compete within your industry. At Words And Pictures we are interested in you, your business and what makes you do it. After all, to create communication that speaks for you, we need to know you.


It is a privilege to help you communicate your business message. We take on that privilege with responsibility and thought.


If you value quality communication, this is where you'll get it.


Contact us to start a conversation. We'd love to bring your ideas to life.



At Words and Pictures, we'd love to help you develop your brand and logo. And/or we'll work with you to communicate your business message via business cards, flyers, brochures, your website and other graphic design or visual communication projects.


We provide graphic designed files for digital output or print. We can assist with print management. In fact, as designers, we often receive better than retail prices for print and pass these onto our clients.


We love brands and revel in the achievement of your message reaching your audience loud and clear. Your success is our success.




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Seven Ways To Love Your Logo



Here are seven tips to building a harmonious relationship with your logo.


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Five Ways To Get Quality Graphic Design Cheaper

I'm here to tell you that good graphic design takes the same time, and hence money, as poor design.


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Unsure Of A Word's Meaning?

Look it up here for instant access to the Collins English Dictionary.

How Do I Choose Fonts?

The Very Basics.


There's a lot to say about fonts. So, this article is only about choice. I'll get onto writing one on using fonts at a later date.

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Vector Files

Why do we keep asking for a vector file of your logo?

This is an article that explains why.

When a designer gives you logo files, there can be some files that may not open readily on your computer.  One or more of these may be a vector file.


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